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THE DRIVE -Off Road Adventures

2.11 usd

The Drive : Off Road Adventures Introducing the Off Road experience you all have been waiting for , In one of the largest and extreme world in the history of mobile gaming with mind blowing graphics and realistic Physics.
Please checkout the promo video for better understanding of the game.
LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOUPlease notice me about any problems you face or improvements you need in any area of game(Include device name). And help the development by RATING and SHARING with your friends which means a lot to me. ______________________________________________________Facebook
FEATURES1. NO in app purchases.2. Six Unique Vehicles Ready to take any terrain available from the beginning.3. High quality Graphics with Realistic environment and physics. 4. Completely adjustable graphics for smoother game play.5. 20 extreme levels to dominate in one of the largest terrain in the history of mobile gaming and more are coming.6. Completely adjustable car controls (Abs, Traction Control, Axle, Power etc.).7. Highly Optimized.
(Recommended) Quad Core Processor 1GB Memory